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Viejo Dulce 2006

Our homage to the sweet, well-traveled wines form the age of exploration began with off-dry Napa Valley Chardonnay.  This base wine was transformed and elevated by heat, movement, and a decade in French Oak barrels to create this delicious Madeira-style wine.

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Our 10 Year Special Reserve bottling of Viejo Dulce is a rare and special wine indeed.  It is the culmination of over a decade of planning, winemaking, tasting, and blending, during which the contents of 10 full barrels of Napa Valley Chardonnay were naturally concentrated and reduced to less than four barrels of this final bottling.  Through fortification with neutral spirits and exposure to the heat of seven Napa summers, the orginal base wine was transformed into something entirely different and completely unique in the world of Napa wine.  Viejo Dulce is a slightly sweet, wonderfully nuanced wine that is rich with nutty, spice rack aromas and dense dried stone fruit, orange and subtle caramel flavors.  It is best enjoyed with aged hard cheeses, spice-dusted cheeses, dark chocolates, and even stewed meats with spicy elements.  Be bold and enjoy this wine in the spirit of adventure in which it was conceived and crafted.

Vintage 2006
Wine Style Dessert & Fortified Wines
Varietal Chardonnay
Appellation Napa Valley
Size 375 ml