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The idea for Be Kind sprouted from the mind of Finkelstein family friend Laurie Philips of New York City. Philips became aware of the self-imposed isolation of her fellow New Yorkers and how there was very little interaction happening among them. As a way to break the ice, she made the now iconic "Be Kind" buttons and would wear them while out and about in the city. Anytime someone would compliment her button, she would take it off and gift it to that person. A friendly conversation would start naturally and smiles would ensue. The buttons would then be paid forward by their new owners and are now found all over New York and the surrounding areas.

Talulah and Ruby brought this idea home and since 2017, have distributed more than 20,000 of the iconic Be Kind buttons all over the world. They have also created the Kindness Kids, a youth-led group that brings together kids throughout our community to organize acts of positivity and compassion. Among their projects, they collect warm coats for those in need, prepare food for those who are hungry, and organize birthday parties for children without homes.

The girls have spoken to school assemblies, professional groups, service groups and at large gatherings such as Napa’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration.

Be Kind is kid-driven and kid-led. Be Kind brings people together to spread and celebrate kindness. Be Kind is not a protest or political or religious in nature. Be Kind seeks to strengthen communities through the power of kindness.

Be Kind wines are specially selected barrels and lots that exhibit exceptional qualities. The wines will change every year, and are extremely limited in production. 10% of every bottle purchased goes to the Be Kind movement, now a recognized 501c3. 

A great way to spread kindness!

10% of Be Kind wine sales go to Be Kind Napa.

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$143.00 per Case

To bring light to Be Kind a non profit started by Ruby and Talulah Finkelstein, we present the first-ever Be Kind Wine.

A blend of extended barrel aged Petite Sirah and Zinfandel. 10% of all sales will be donated to Be Kind.

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$60.00 per Bottle

Taste a little kindness.

10% of sales will be donated to Be Kind Napa.

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$35.00 per Bottle

Taste some kindness in a bottle!

10% of sales will be donated to Be Kind Napa.

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$48.00 per Bottle