' Judd's Hill - Q&A


If I have my own vineyard, can you help me make wine to showcase the caliber of my grapes for potential winery clients?
MicroCrush® was founded in 1992 in large part to support grape growers like you. Our years of experience, expertise, location and personalized attention have earned us the reputation as the custom winemaking facility of choice for vineyard managers, grape growers and enthusiasts alike. 

Can I make wine at MicroCrush® if I live outside of Napa or California?
We will manage everything for you based on your preferences, keep in touch regarding your wine’s progress, taste the wine with you when you’re in the area, and help you coordinate the arrival of your finished wine after bottling.

I don’t have a vineyard or know of any grape growers. Can you source fruit for me?

Having worked side-by-side with Napa Valley grape growers for 30 years, we have dozens of grape growing friends and acquaintances. No matter what the varietal, flavor profile or terroir you’re after, our experience and connections will get you the grapes you need to produce the wine that you want to create.

Can a group of my friends and I make a barrel of our own wine together?
Yes! In fact, most enthusiasts prefer to share the fun of winemaking with their friends and family.  You can start at harvest and enjoy each step of the way together, or opt for a premium finished barrel of wine that is ready to blend and bottle.

Who uses MicroCrush® for custom winemaking?
Everyone from grape growers to wine enthusiasts, groups of friends, business owners looking to promote their companies, couples looking for a special wine for their wedding… You name it.

What makes MicroCrush® special?
We’ve lived and made wine in the Napa Valley since the 1970s, and we pioneered the concept of consumer MicroCrush® in 1992.  Not only did we pioneer the concept, we continue to offer very small scale production – as little as one barrel. We give you full access to behind-the-scenes winemaking, as well as a direct connection to our winemakers for all of your winemaking questions.