' Judd's Hill - Winemaking


Judd’s Hill winemaker, Eric Lyman, was born in Petaluma, California and spent much of his youth in Puerto Rico with his family before moving to Napa in the early 1980s. He appreciated the cultural immersion that life in Puerto Rico provided him, and quickly learned the merits of being bi-lingual, especially if one wants to fully collaborate with those working hard in the wine industry.

Prior to his career as a winemaker, Eric was a Navy cryptologic technician before spending nearly two decades working in the pharmaceutical industry.  In 2009, he made the momentous decision to follow his passion and go back to school to learn the art and science of winemaking.  He joined the Judd’s Hill winemaking team in 2010, and earned the title of Judd’s Hill winemaker in 2016.  As a winemaker, Eric often experiments with nontraditional techniques to make the most interesting and finest wines possible. As to the large number of varietals he produces, he readily admits, “When I’m making wine whether it be for Judd’s Hill or for our Custom MicroCrush clients, understanding the vision, being organized and open-minded are important, as well as having a great winemaking team.”

When it comes to our winemaking vision, we respect the fruit foremost and let it guide us, never imposing our will on it. We try to make wine as naturally as possible, treating it with kid gloves throughout the process. Oak is used subtly in our wines, and the art of blending is something we take great pride in.

Whether it’s a single vineyard Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, wild fermented Pinot Noir or a non-traditional blend, our wines will always be made by hand and in small lots.