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A message from Bunnie and Judd, proprietors of Judd's Hill:

Following the direction of Governor Gavin Newsom, the Judd’s Hill tasting room is on a (hopefully!) brief hiatus. Thank you for your calls, texts, and emails asking what this means for Judd’s Hill. As a family business that does not distribute our wine, we rely on our tasting room being open to visitors and this is certainly a great challenge for us.

This hiatus does not mean that the wine has stopped flowing, in fact, quite the contrary! Judd’s Hill can come right to you in many ways! Our website is always open at www.JuddsHill.com. You can elect to have your wine shipped, you can drive-through pick up at the winery, or if you are local, we are happy to make house calls and drop off on your doorstep. Please take care of your friends and family, and know that we can’t wait to raise a glass with you as soon as this passes!  In the meantime, to stay in the loop as to when we'll reopen and to enjoy some wine-centric entertainment, be sure to follow us on Facebook.